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Ad Creative Policy

  • HAYWIRE Magazine has final approval for all ads with respect to content.
  • HAYWIRE Magazine reserves the right to remove an advertisement from its web sites at any time for any reason.
  • Changes to an existing campaign must be received at least three business days prior to the change.
  • All rich media ads must be served via one of the accepted vendors listed.
  • Any additional questions or comments related to advertiser specifications can be directed to


General Guidelines
  • All ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked on
  • Ads are served via iframe ad calls.
  • Audio must be user initiated with a clearly recognizable on/off button
  • All expanding ad units must be user initiated.
  • All floating ad units must have a clearly recognizable close button
  • DFP is used to serve all HAYWIRE Digital Site Ad Units
  • DreamMail is used to serve all Newsletter placements
  • All rich media ads must have an alternate GIF/JPEG versions of creative
  • No PSA ads are allowed
  • HAYWIRE Magazine reserves the right to terminate any campaign upon our discretion
  • Lead time: Three business days for standard creative. See notes within the Ad Unit Specifications below.


Noelle Nonome
Director Digital Media, Ad Sales


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