An All-in-1 Apparel Platform Actually Exists and it’s Freaking Amazing

Ever wanted to choose any apparel for every aspect of your lifestyle whenever you feel like it? Three Arrows Affiliated is your answer.

If getting dressed begins and ends with a horrid clothing lifestyle to balance your career, working out, and social life, you need to get yourself to Three Arrows Affiliated immediately.

It’s an all-in-1 men’s apparel company based in Los Angeles, California, and their Kickstarter campaign launches today! The platform provides an innovative solution for men whom have difficulty finding clothes that appeases to every aspect of their lifestyle. Their clothes have the highest quality design — and that’s only the beginning.

The clothing company thought of everything for the 21st Century Renaissance Man — beyond your clothing expectations. You can get apparel based on your budget , schedule, & style. Affiliation grants you access to the get up to 12 kits a year, and tons of perks that will impact your life — through style.

There are apparel that focuses on the social areas in your life. The Social Wear is constructed to keep you comfortable and stylish as it can be worn almost anywhere for any activity. Subtle style designed to easily match other garments in and out of the collection.

The Active Wear is designed for superior performance for any of your workouts, training sessions and multi-sport activities.

And then the Career Wear. The cross-functionality of the garments enables them to be worn from the office, to a night out with friends. With technical features like gussets, hidden buttons, and reinforced collars, the Career Wear is truly made to work and make a statement in more ways than one.

How It Works:

1. Sign up and Get All Apparel Half Off

For $33 every 3 months gain access Affiliate pricing on up to 12 Kits a year and on the e-commerce store for extra purchases.

2. Choose Kit Routine

Schedule kits every 1, 2, or 3 months and opt-out whenever if you don’t think you’ll want more clothes each month.

3. Kit Curating Preference

Choose if you want to pick out every piece of clothing in your kit, or have their personal stylists curate your kit based on your budget & schedule.

4. Get it. Try it. Keep it.

When you get the kit, try on the clothes, pick what you want to keep and send back the rest. Free shipping and handling both ways. 

About Three Arrows

Founder and CEO, Alec Goldberg started Three Arrows Affiliated because he wanted to be able to get the best clothes for every part of men’s lifestyle- whenever men wanted- without going broke.   To do so would require providing not only the best clothes, but the best way of getting those clothes. So he, and his team, developed an all-in- 1 apparel platform that provides affiliates the ability to control when they get clothes, how many clothes they get, and how much they want to spend. Most importantly, affiliates get to choose from a true Lifestyle apparel line consisting of high quality active-wear, social-wear, and career-wear.

On 2 | 27 | 17 get premium menswear for every part of your life. Go Thee Arrows Affiliated to get notified for their Kickstarter launch.

For more news and innovative breakthroughs, follow Three Arrows Affiliated on Facebook!

An All-in-1 Apparel Platform Actually Exists and it’s Freaking Amazing

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