The Secret to Sleek, Straight & Shiny Hair

Sleek, straight and shiny hair is a classic, chic and celebrity look that everyone loves.

The Glider hair flat iron straightener features high quality ceramic plates that use 8 HeatBalance® micro-sensors (4 on each plate) to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat so that fewer passes are needed through your precious hair. That’s the best way to get silky results that shine while protecting your hair from overheat exposure.

This flat iron brush is housed in a black, oval case. The brush is ceramic, infused with tourmaline and ions for smoother and silkier hair. The handle has been texturized, in order to allow for the best grip, and the unit even has dual voltage, so it can be used anywhere in the world.

The plates are seated high in the casing, making it easy to clamp a section of hair, without worrying about whether or not the casing will get in the way of the plates. The heat selections are adjusted by a + and – and digital read out very clear.

The most iconic from this flat iron, the heat ranges from 140 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an impressive range of temperatures.

Classic 9 Row

Wave your tangles good-bye, HSI Professional’s flat small brush is here to help!

Detangling unexpected and stubborn hair knots has never been easier and, thanks to the super-soft and flexible bristles of this awesome brush you can now use it on both dry and wet hair! Great for all hair types, this flat brush is ideal for ladies with straight hair who want glossy and smooth strands in no time.

This anti-static brush is extremely light and easy to handle, creates no frizz (something your old brushes used to do!) and does not damage your hair in any way. Thanks to its natural negative ions it breaks down water clusters into tiny water molecules which help hydrate your hair. Well, how about that?

Your hair is finally ready for a photo shoot, as it has never looked so polished and shiny before. Not to mention how smooth it is. Time for celebration!

EZ Flow Vented Brush

Just by looking at you we imagine our hair shiny and smooth.

Well hello there, tapered brush! Just by looking at you we imagine our hair shiny and smooth, like velvety silk. Amazing changes are about to happen to women with any hair type when using this brush with soft flexible ionic bristles. It detangles hair so smoothly, it glides on both wet and dry strands and it creates luxurious long-lasting hair styles that it will make women ask for your hairstylist’s address.

Really light and easy to use thanks to its anti-slip handle, the tapered brush boasts a ionic complex that minimizes split ends and breakage, removing build-up at the same time. You will forget what frizz means and you will enjoy clean and purified hair for a longer time between shampoos. The heat resistant bristles are infused with minerals that transform water clusters into hydrating molecules which penetrate the shaft and hydrate hair. Well, this sounds like a 5-star treatment. A must-have!

Straightening Comb

The straightening comb may look small and insignificant, but it is helpful in gigantic ways. This comb not only detangles as a regular comb, it also separates strands evenly to prep them for straightening – with just one hand! Use the comb with one hand, and follow closely behind with your flat iron in the other, and my goodness you have cut your straight styling time down by half! With this revolutionary brush your strands receive the heat from each hot plate more evenly, which means the flat iron is more effective than ever before. This translates to less damaged hair and straighter styles, a no brainer for anyone! The teeth of the comb are soft yet sturdy for comfortable use while still being strong enough to get through the toughest tangles.
The best comb no one knew existed, now exists – and for an affordable price, only with HSI Professional.
  • Detangles hair with ease
  • Great for all hair types and extensions
  • User friendly with one hand styling
  • Soft but sturdy teeth for comfortable, precise combing


1. Rub a dime sized amount of our Argan Oil leave-in treatment from mid-length to the ends of your hair, avoid the scalp
2. Spritz our Argan Oil infused Thermal Protector (protects up to 450 degrees!) throughout your hair.
3. Run the EZ Flow vented hair brush through your locks to evenly distribute the product.
4. Let your hair air dry, or use our Dryonizer 2200 blow dryer along with the brush used in step 3.
5. After your hair is completely dry, run the Glider Elite straightening iron through your mane at 350 degrees. You should only need to pass once through each section of hair, making sure to get from root to ends.Wallah, you now have sleek stylish straight hair! The best part (aside from the celebrity-style hairdo) is this looks is easy to maintain the day after for all the non-daily hair washers out there. Just brush it out, do a few touch-ups with your flat iron and reapply some argan oil if necessary.
Visit HSI Professional to get these tools, read their blog and shop their sale!
The Secret to Sleek, Straight & Shiny Hair

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